The knitting meetings are a lively exchange of knowledge. Usually the time at one of the regular meetings is not enough to clarify all questions or to discuss them in detail. This was the idea of ​​organizing a knitting camp.

Why not treat yourself to a weekend? Away from everyday life in a relaxed environment, start a project, get answers to knitting questions or a long work finally finished. Take a break with knitting / crocheting / spinning, etc.

We rent the youth hostel in Fällanden for a weekend. The house has a large garden and is located directly at the Greifensee. We cook for ourselves, give advice on knitting and other life issues and can discover new yarns at the market place. We help each other not only during cooking or tidying up, the event lives from the lively exchange of knowledge. The focus is on being together.

The first retreat took place in 2013. The demand for another retreat was great and so the retreat became an annual occasion.

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Stitching Retreat Organisatorin Sabrina

I am Sabrina, a passionate knitter, spinner and occasional hooker.

After years of knitting all alone at home, I wanted to meet like-minded people. Since 2013, I’m a member of the Stitch’n’Bitch Group in Zurich. We meet regularly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays for common knitting and crocheting in Zurich.

I write about my knitting adventures in my blog donnarossa.ch.