Thanks for stopping by. The 5th Stitching Retreat took place on 29th of September until 1st of October 2017. I thank all participants for the wonderful time. The sun lured us out of the house so we could spend some time outside in the warm autumn sun. But convince yourself and look at the pictures.
If and when another retreat will take place, is still in the stars. The required time for such a weekend is huge. The costs could never be covered in recent years. So far I have organized everything alone. Maybe someone can help or even take over the event? Maybe the retreat will be held in a hotel again? Who knows... One thing is for sure though:
In 2018 the Stitching Retreat will be on break.
Thanks to all those who have supported my idea so far to set up a knitting camp. You have turned the weekends into a very nice time. Knitted until the needles glow, laugh, cooked together, dyed, spun, browsed and shopped. Thank you!